15 New Ways to Use Sigils

Sigils are great tools to use in your craft and I personally feel they are not used as often because not very many witches realize how versatile they are. A lot of practitioners believe that sigils can only be drawn on paper and destroyed with fire. This isn’t true, there are actually dozens of ways to activate and use sigils. This post will tell you how to create and use sigils in ways that you may have never heard of!

Now you may or may not be wondering-

What is a Sigil?

If you’re unfamiliar with sigil magic, a sigil is a powerful symbol or image that hold a specific meaning and purpose. They can be used for a variety of different spells and each one can be uniquely different. Sigils can be used in spells for protection, health, money, and just about anything else you can think of.

How do you make a Sigil?

There are many different ways to create sigils, but one of the most common ways is to write out a phrase or intention and use the letters to create your image.

Start with your phrase

“Love for all”

Remove all the repeating letters

(Some people also like to remove the vowels from the message as well.)

“Love fr a” OR "Lv fr"

Arrange the letters however you’d like to create your symbol.


Ta-Da! There you have it. Easy, right?

What does it mean to “activate” a Sigil?

“Activating” a sigil simply means to inspire it or saturate it with your intentions. By blessing it with the elements, deities, or your own personal magic you can awaken its power to use for your purposes and intentions.

Now that you understand the basics, here are some unique ways you can incorporate your personal sigils in your magic.

  1. Use your finger to draw a sigil on the mirror after a steamy shower for aid in building inner & outer beauty.

  2. Put hidden sigils on the backs of picture frames or wall art to encourage a happy home.

  3. Paint sigils in door frames/jams to protect the entrances from unwelcome spirits.

  4. Sew sigils into your pillowcases for restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

  5. Draw sigils out with condiments on sandwiches to add magic to your lunches.

  6. Carve sigils in fruits/vegetables for health and wellness.

  7. Plant your flower beds or garden seeds in a simplified sigil pattern for growth.

  8. Place a sigil under your doormat to encourage guests and welcome company.

  9. Draw sigils on your skin in lotion before rubbing it in your skin to promote youthful appearances.

  10. Use moon water, solar water, or invisible ink to draw sigils on resumes or job applications before presenting them to future employers.

  11. Draw sigils on the inside of your wallet or coin purse to keep your finances in the green.

  12. If you fish or hunt, you can place sigils on your guns and gear to promote a bountiful hunt.

  13. Put sigils on the collars of your pets to keep them safe from sickness or harm.

  14. Stamp sigils on the insides of your shoes for a quick and hidden protection spell.

  15. Use vinyl decals to make a sigil bumper sticker for your car to protect you while traveling.

What are some other ways you would include sigils in your magic ?

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  • By carving them on side of a candle, or on the glass of a candle box. But on unbleached parchment in my blood and burned is my favorite. I also may use several methods to activate one.

  • I usually charge my sigils with the moon, is it correct too ?
    Thank youuu <3
    Blessed be


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