Alternatives to Sage Smudging

I often get asked “what’s the best way to cleanse a space?” And while using a smudge stick tends to be the most common answer that comes to mind for most witches, it is certainly not the only way.

Don’t get me wrong, sage smudging is great but I feel like it’s definitely being overused. Recently, there has been issues about sage plants being unethically harvested to keep up with the new age demands and the booming market and expansion for the trend.

So if you’re looking to be more environmentally conscious or just feel like taking a break from the good ol’ smudge stick, here are some equally great alternatives to cleanse a space.


Sound has incredible vibrations and frequencies for knocking out the nastiest of negative vibes. Ever feel like blasting your favorite song really loud in your car with the windows down just gets you energized and pumped for a great day? Well, same idea. Bring out the bells, pots and pans, blast some music, better yet- if you play an instrument, bust it out. Sound has the ability to fill any kind of space. The best part is after all the noise has cleared away, there is a feeling of peaceful silence that follows. You can then use the calming silence to meditate and soak in the positive and clean energies into your body.


Citrus fruits are known for their amazing purification properties. Consuming lemon water and lemon peels have been found to yield amazing health benefits for tons of different ailments. But the benefits of lemon don’t end with just putting them inside your body, lemons are being used for beauty products, lotions, fresh scents and cleaning products as well. The acidity in citrus has the ability to break down and cleanse toxins and bacteria. It’s amazing! Give your house or space a lemon makeover. You can make your own lemon water spray to spritz and freshen up a room, make a dried lemon garland, or anoint your doors and windows with lemon oil. Your house will be fresh and bursting with energy.


Crystals have great energies and are awesome for absorbing negative energies. Quartz crystal is a great go-to and I recommend having one placed in every room. You can place them in a window sill or a door frame or even hang them in a corner from the ceiling like I do. Each month pull them down to recharge them under the full moon to give them a fresh slate. Sometimes after company visits or if there has been a heavy event, sometimes I gather them up and let them rest and recharge in a bowl of sea salt. If you’d like to, you can always research specific stone properties to customize which ones would be the best for each room. For example, you may want to place citrine stone or tigers eye in your home office to promote productivity or amethyst or selenite in your bedroom to encourage a good nights rest.

Cleaning and sweeping

This one seems like a no brainer- but what better way to get a cleansed feeling in your space them to actually clean it? Pay attention to little details that you normally would look over in your normal cleaning routine. Thank your house for providing you with a comfortable place to be. Use your broom, vacuum, or swiffer to sweep up all the negative clutter as well as the literal clutter. Another thing that I like to do when cleansing or re-energizing a space is the do a little redecorating. Move furniture around or find new places for objects or décor. Humans are creatures of habit but sometimes we can start to feel stagnant or dull when we get too comfortable. Enjoy a change of scenery and bring a freshness back into your space.

 Talk to your space

This one can be confusing. Where your space isn’t actually alive, that doesn’t mean that it’s not living. Energy is a real thing and with something like a room or a house, energies pass through frequently enough to create a hub of living energy. If you feel like something is awry in your space, calm your body and ask away. You can do this out loud or in your mind. Listen to the cues of your space. Find a central location of the house or the room you feel the most energy. Ask your house what attention it needs. Use your senses and intuition to help identify what your house needs. It’s requests can be different depending on your unique situation, but you never know what kinds of things you could be missing until you ask!

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