DIY River Rock Runes

Sometimes the best Magick tools are the ones we get to make ourselves! Sure, you can always buy runes- but where's the fun in that?

Making your own magical tools can bring you closer to your craft emotionally and spiritually. There is just something extra magical and personal when you pour your creativity into your special tools, especially when these tools are for divination. So if you don't have a set of runes yet, or if you do, but want something that you'll feel much more in tune with- make yourself a set!


What you will need:

• River Rocks- you can purchase them at any hardware, craft, or dollar store. You can also find them for free in nature.

• Paint pen- you can use any color or brand you like. I like the Uni-Posca Brand because they are extremely high quality and they can write on practically any material.

• Sealant- (optional) unless you’ll be using your runes in water or outside, it’s not necessary to use a fixative or sealant. But you can chose to give your runes added protection.

 Use your paint pen to draw out the runes on the river rocks. You may need to do additional coats, but make sure you let them dry completely before using them.

You can also use wood slices or chips, polymer clay, found or saved animal bones, or flat metal discs as alternatives to river rocks, they would make great runes as well.



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