Dollar Store Witchcraft

Not all witchcraft has to be bells & whistles! Sometimes simplicity is the best thing. I’ve seen so much floof on social media lately and sometimes it leaves me with the impression that I’m not “witchy” enough.

Some people have such glorious altars with tools and crystals and it can get in your head that you need to buy your weight in crystals and sage to be blessed by the goddesses- and this is absolutely untrue.

As much as I’d kill to have that super fancy and super expensive crystal chalice that I will feel like the goddess of goddesses sipping my wine from!- it simply won’t make me any more of a witch than my glass one I bought at the dollar store.

And on that note, I present to you *drum roll* - my 5$ broke witch dollar store altar! (Yes, all of these items are from the Dollar store!)

The Dollar store is seriously a great place to get witchy stuff. (And it’s even better when you can catch the seasonal items!)


They sell tons of candles, including an adorable “namaste” candle that I HAD to have! As well as plain river rocks that I used to make my very own DIY runes.

It doesn’t take much to make a good altar and spell casting space.

However, there is nothing wrong with going all out and dropping some hard cash on your craft- you do you witchypoo! But when you’re in a pinch and you are living the minimalist witch life, you do have options! ~

Other cool witchy things you can find at the Dollar store are (but not limited to!):

  • Plain colored bandanas that can be used for altar cloths.
  • Glass jars and containers
  • Incense (not every store has them, but I’ve come across a few)
  • Candle holders
  • Herbs (found in the kitchen sections)
  • Bells- (totally awesome and underrated for spellwork!)
  • Seashells, marbles, and sand (perfect for sea witches)
  • Notebooks or journals that can be used as a BOS or Grimoire

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  • I so love to go thrifting for my crafty items!

  • I love going to thrift stores to find witchy items, I love when my imagination thinks of ways I could use things for a low price!

  • I have found things at yard sales and the Goodwill also, like a box full of sea shells, marbles. It’s not hard to find the things you need when you’re on a budget.

  • I’m 66 years old and a witch for a very long time. 3+ generations originally from England. A witch was never a show off with a fancy alter. That could get you in trouble. Up until my mother’s time you could still get arrested for it. You used what you had, found what worked that had multiple uses (a broom, kitchen pots, candle sticks, etc) and made, found or grew what you needed. It means more and works better if you make it yourself. Besides the hunt makes it that much more fun. It’s not always possible to create everything yourself but try. Congrats Crystal. You get it. Have fun where you can find it.

    Dianne LaRose
  • I believe you. Because when i look around for some things I’ve found 5hem for less in dollar stores or thrift stores.


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