Home Blessing Spell Jar

With social distancing orders still not fully lifted and people stuck in the house, it's no surprise that tension can arise in the home. If you find yourself short-tempered more than usual (and siblings and roommates are at each other's throats) you could feel at your wits end.

Take some time to find a little peace and connection in your home with this "happy home treasure jar".

This treasure jar will have different "ingredients" for everyone so the only thing that you will need to start is a small jar with a lid.

Gather all of your family members (or roommates!) and go on a nature walk. Even if it's just outside around the block or in your own backyard. Fresh air will do you all good.

Have everyone do a little scavenger hunt and pick a small nature item that calls to them. (Twig, flower, stone, anything...)
Next, have everyone take a turn explaining why they enjoy the item they found, and then place it in the jar.

After everyone's had a turn and all of the ingredients are in the jar, take the jar home and put it up on display where everyone can see it. Let the jar serve as a happy memory and every time someone starts to get upset let them hold the jar for a moment or two.

Make it a family tradition every so often to thank the items for the happy memories they gave you and then return them to the Earth and add new ingredients to the jar.

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