Home Manifestation Spell

Whether you're renting or buying, house hunting can be a tedious yet exciting experience. Use this simple spell to help you manifest the perfect home for you!

Items you will need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Drawing supplies
  • Tape/glue

On your paper, draw out the pattern for a 3D geometric cube or you can save and print this one.

You will be using this shape to make a small paper house that will be a magical representation of your future home.

Cut out the pattern and write down all of the things you wish to manifest in a home inside the pattern. Be specific, but also be realistic! You want a house with a yard? write that down. You want a house within a certain price range? Jot down your budget.

Once you are finished, flip the pattern over and decorate it! As you draw on the outside of your cube envision yourself discovering the perfect home. I drew zentangle patterns on mine, but you can decorate it any way you'd like.

Fold your cube up and assemble it. Use glue or tape to secure the corners. This is the base of your "house".

Last, you are going to take a final strip of paper to fold to make the "roof" of your house. In this final step, it is optional but you can draw out a sigil or power word that you feel drawn to to help boost your spell. Secure your paper roof to your paper house and there you have it!

Place your spell somewhere where you will see it often. Pick it up or touch it at least once a day until you have manifested the home you desire.

When you are finally settled into your new home, make sure you thank the paper house. You can choose to bury the spell in the yard or keep it displayed in your home to serve as a protection charm, you do not need to destroy it.

Happy Manifesting!

If you enjoy simple spells and want to be part of a community that focuses on simplicity in the craft, join the CryssCrafts Minimalist Witch Facebook Group!

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