Money Magnet Attraction Spell

If you’re looking to find that little push for motivation -and hopefully some cold hard cash- then give this magnet money attraction spell a shot.

I get it, we’ve all been there... down on our financial luck, scouring the internet for that perrrrfect spell to grant us all our money wishes. Truth be told, that would be great, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite work that way. This spell will not make you rich, but there’s nothing wrong with putting it out in the universe and working a little witchy magic to try and get the abundance flowing.

What you will need

  • Dollar bill
  • 2 small (but strong) magnets
  • Walnut shell
  • citrine stone
  • moon water
  •  sea salt
  • green candle
  • dish or bowl
  • small spell bag

Place a small amount of salt in your dish, then put your candle in the salt. Let your candle burn all the way down. (I usually use a small birthday candle, but you can use any size)

As the candle burns, envision the amount of money you want to attract to your life. Be realistic and focus on what you’re needing the money for. Is it to pay off a bill that’s due? Is it to buy yourself a new sweater? To invest in a new project or business? If you don’t have an exact dollar amount, that’s fine. Just try your best to ballpark.

When your candle is exhausted, pour a small amount of moon water on it and mix it in with the salt. You want it to create a muddy like texture. Next, scoop the salt mixture out and put it inside one half of the walnut shell to dry/ harden. Walnuts are great for spells pertaining to abundance and the empty shell will represent your pocket filling up.


Take your dollar bill and fold it into the smallest square possible. Place your two magnets on either side of the dollar. The magnets are used to represent the “attraction” of the finances to you.

Last but not least, is the citrine stone. Citrine is great for joy and prosperity and it is even sometimes referred to as the “merchant stone” for its abilities to manifest luck and wealth. The energy from the citrine stone will help supercharge your intentions and help manifest those bucks to your bank! If your stone is small, you can place it inside your walnut shell- but it’s not necessary.

Gather your ingredients

Take the dollar bill with the magnets, the half walnut shell, and your citrine stone and place it in your spell bag. You can store it on your altar or place it in your purse or car. Be sure to place it in a spot where you will see it at least once a day until you have acquired the amount you are seeking.

When the spell is completed and you’ve received the money that you’ve asked for, thank the spell ingredients. Be sure to return the compostable items to the earth, cleanse your citrine stone, and set aside the dollar to be donated or given away as an offering of thanks.

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Happy manifesting & good luck!

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