Poppet Magic

If you found yourself here, it's probably because you're curious to find more information about poppet dolls and how to use them in magic. Even though poppet dolls are one of the most common items used in magical practices, they're often avoided because practitioners believe they can carry curses, dark magic, or "bad juju". But this isn't always true!

Like most occult and magical practices, Hollywood and media have presented a skewed view of poppet dolls, making people feel uncertain or even scared of using them. However, poppets can be a positive and powerful tool in any witch's kit.

So let's backtrack a little..

What IS a Poppet doll?

A poppet is a doll that has been created in the likeness of a person and it can be used for a variety of magical ways as well as enjoyed for their aesthetics. Poppets can be used for spells in self-love, protection, healing, manifestation, banishings and bindings, and lots more.

Poppets can be made out of a variety of different materials like clay, corn husks, vegetables, and cloth stuffed with cotton and herbs. They can also go by many names, depending on the practice & purpose. You may see them being called; Spirit dolls, Voodoo Dolls, Effigies, Mommets, taglocks, or Pippy dolls.

Poppet magic is a type of sympathetic magic.
If you're unfamiliar with what sympathetic magic is, it's an idea based on the principle of 'like begets like" or that you can cast magical influence on a item that resembles or represents a person or event and have it affect the original target. It is one of the oldest and most common types of magic.

Depending on the type of spell and ritual you do with them, some poppets can be cleansed and reused while others need to be disposed of. Because of this, I always recommend keeping more than one around for different purposes. I like to categorize poppets into 3 different groups. The "Self", the "Others", and the temporary or "Temp" poppets.


The "Self" Poppet

The self poppet is one that you'll use in your magic to represent...well, you! Anytime that you're casting spells that involve yourself you will want to have your Self poppet present. This poppet can be used to help you heal, manifest, learn, and grow. This is one that you can keep and reuse for a variety of different spells.


The "Others" Poppet

This is the poppet you will use in spell work that involves other people. For example, you would use this poppet if you're trying to heal a family member or friend. You could also use this poppet when trying to influence others in a cooperative manner.

Often times, your "Others" poppet will frequently interact with your "Self" poppet. This can be seen in spell work where you are trying to attract a lover, mend a relationship, gain a perspective job, or anything else that involves you as well as another person.

You can assign a poppet for a specific person or leave it blank to be used for general magic. This is entirely up to you. I keep several "other" poppets to represent different people in my circle.

The "Temp" Poppet

Temporary poppets are the ones you will dispose of every time you are done with them. After you have completed a spell, the poppet is no longer necessary to keep around and needs to be destroyed.

These kinds of poppets are generally used in spells dealing with negative energies such as banishings and bindings, and healing of serious illnesses. If you're using the poppet to rid yourself of a person, thing, or memory, then chances are you'll need to rid yourself of the poppet as well.

There are many different ways to dispose of a poppet. The most common are burning or burying. If you chose to bury poppets or spell remains, be sure to only use biodegradable materials (such as the vegetable poppets) this is better for the environment and reduces the chance that your negative spell remains will be accidentally dug up or found. If you choose to make your poppet from mud or clay, the poppet can be dissolved in water or you can even draw a temporary poppet on paper and erase it.

However you decide to use your poppets is entirely up to you and your practice, but the concept of the poppet is universal across all paths. Regardless of what types of spells you're performing, poppets can be a valuable and diverse tool for anyone.

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