Predicting the Future with Nephelomancy

Did you ever gaze at the clouds when you were younger and recognize dozens of magical shapes? Would you believe it that it’s possible you could have been reading the clouds and interpreting the future?

When most people think of divination and fortune telling; tarot cards or palm reading often are the first to come to mind. But there are so many underrated and unused types of divination out there that are just as unique and intuitive as the most common ones. Nephelomancy is one of them.

Nephelomancy is a way of scrying the clouds for meaning and interpreting the symbolism that you see - and it’s one of the most underrated forms of psychic abilities! It’s free and accessible to everyone. Unless the weather isn’t cooperating, of course.

Nephelomancy can be an extremely useful technique to sharpen your intuition. It’s something you can do on the go and practically any time of the year. Allowing yourself to experience and try different kinds of divination practices can also be very beneficial to increasing your psychic abilities. yet, like every psychic ability, it takes dedication and practice to be able to interpret the messages from the sky.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your cloud reading and how to predict your future with Nephelomancy.

First things first!

Find an open gazing area, someplace quiet and comfortable. Laying down on a blanket with your face to the sky or pulling up a comfy chair that gives you a clear view of the clouds is usually the best.

Take a minute to clear your mind. Try some grounding and centering exercises or one of your favorite meditations in order to get yourself in the mood to receive messages.

Set your intentions

You can ask a specific question, or keep your mind clear to interpret any messages that may come through.

Do not force your mind to see certain shapes, it’s OK if nothing specific pops out to you. You don’t need to pretend that glob of vapor is a mighty dragon when it doesn’t remotely resemble one. It might even take you a few sessions of practicing before you are able to really see anything. Don’t be discouraged, the clouds just might not have anything important to show you just yet.

Keep a keen eye

Depending on the wind, clouds can change frequently. I suggest keeping a notebook or camera handy to jot down or snap pics of the shapes as they morph and pass by.

Pay close attention to the clouds when they transition. Some may even be playing out a scene or showing you a progression of events.

Make meaningful connections

Images you see in your cloud gazing may present themselves as patterns only you would understand or they can appear as some of the most commonly known symbols.

One of the most common images for people to see during a Nephelomancy session is faces. Depending on the faces you’re recognizing from the clouds, the meanings can vary. Pay attention to how the faces makes you feel- this will give you an indication of the message it’s sending. Does this face resemble someone you know, or does the emotion they are showing make you feel a certain way? Happy or content expressions could indicate good fortune or a guardian. Faces that are showing anger or sadness would be a sign of conflict or negativity.

There is also great power and meaning in seeing different animal shapes. The Spirit Animal website gives an awesome and detailed list of unique meanings attached to different animals, so you can poke around their list to get a better idea of why the clouds are showing you animals during your gazing session.

Oftentimes, symbols we see in our dreams carry similar meanings to those we pick up in divination. Dream Moods offers some great meanings behind common dream symbols that are also true to what you might see during a Nephelomancy session.

Whether it takes you some hard practice, or Nephelomancy comes easy to you, it's absolutely a skill you should keep handy, you never know when you're intuition will have you looking to the sky.

What are some of your favorite underrated forms of divination? Have you ever had a successful nephelomancy reading? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Watching the clouds and the shapes they make floating by has always been a part of me. I often go inside to get my camera so I can capture them. Walking my dogs last night, I noticed a gecko in the clouds with a star on his chest. After putting my dogs inside, I went back out with my SkyView app to see if it was near anything significant (to me). It was around the Ursa Minor constellation, aka the Little Dipper. I suddenly realized, “I bet there is actually such a thing as cloud divination. I mean people read tea leaves.. why not clouds?”. Sure enough, I found your article! Lol.. I’m a witch, tarot reader, reiki healer and currently studying astrology. I see faces and shapes, families, sometimes whole communities everywhere in nature.. in rocks, the trees- especially the bark, sticks, flowers, etc.. Even in paintings, wall textures and ceilings lol. Thank you for your article, I can now see how I’ve been divining with nature my whole life and can now be more aware of it! I only discovered a few years ago that not everyone sees these things. Funny how when we are blessed with these kinds of gifts, we can take them for granted by thinking it’s “normal”. I’m glad I’m not normal lol, and I’m sure you know exactly what I mean! Thanks again 🙏🏻


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