Seed Blessing Spell

It's starting to feel like spring! The world is warming up and with Ostara right around the corner, I know a lot of people are gearing up to get their gardens ready. So many people rely on the plants they grow for food and medicine, so why not give your seeds a little love?

Here's a simple spell to bless your garden seeds to fill them with abundance and fertility.

Items needed
White cloth 
Gather up all of your seeds that you intend to plant this year and place them on a white cloth. ( you can keep them in their envelopes, So they don't get mixed up)

Next, you will bunch the cloth up like a pouch and tie it with your twine. 

Bless the seeds and envision the suns energy pouring into the seeds and making them strong and healthy as you speak the following:


"Sunshine smile upon these seeds,
That it may grow the things I need.
May the weather and soil be fine,
To sprout these little seeds of mine.
From root, to stem, and then to leaf
In this spell, I do believe"

When you are done, you will want to hang up or place your little pouch of seeds somewhere outside facing the sun. Leave them for as long as you'd like or until you are ready to plant them.

Happy planting! 

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