Shadow Work: What, Why, & How

Happy October first and happy full moon to everyone!

It's spooky season & autumn tends to be the best time to start busting out the shadow work, so chances are you've probably heard a lot of buzz about it lately.

If you haven't already- you should try doing some shadow work this month. And what better time to start than on the cusp of the full moon?!


So what is shadow work?

If you're unsure what shadow work is, it's a process of growth and healing that you need to undergo to remove blocks and unleash your true potential. Bringing your shadow self (or your inner darkness) to the light will help you assess what kinds of healing you need.


Signs you need shadow work.

There are many reasons why someone would need shadow work and this definitely is NOT a full list.

  •  Spells are backfiring or not working correctly
  • You have self doubts, depressive episodes, or lack self esteem.
  •  You allow yourself to be treated poorly in relationships.
  •  You burn yourself out over things you don't enjoy.
  • You're stuck in cycles and can seem to break them.

If any of these resonate with you, chances are you NEED shadow work!


How to start

Thereare many different ways to do shadow work & each way is unique for every person. 

Some things you can do to get in the habit of healing yourself can be

  •  Journaling. Keep a separate notebook for your shadow work only. (*see writing prompts below)
  • Donating your time or service. Serving others can be great for the soul and can help you heal, but only if this is something you enjoy doing.
  • Deep meditation, you can focus on a specific question or let your thoughts guide you.
  • Seek external counseling/advice. Sometimes you need a little boost to help you recognize your inner demons, it's ALWAYS okay if you feel overwhelmed with your emotions and need to reach out to a friend, family member, mentor, or professional.
  •  Seeking closure. Emotional wounds run deep and finding closure from people and events will help you close those wounds.
Shadow work is ROUGH! There is no easy way to go about it. You will cry, you will be frustrated.... But it's necessary!

The only way to be true to yourself and be everything that you're meant to be is to clear the metal clutter and free yourself from whatever stagnant patterns you've trapped yourself in. You are amazing and beautiful!

*Shadow work Journal Prompts

  1. What negative memory do you have that you think of often?
  2. Whatpositive memory do you have that you think of often?
  3. Whatthree things are your top emotional triggers?
  4. whatthing do you want to change the most about yourself and why haven't you changed it?
  5. whatexcuses do you create in your mind for why you can't succeed?
  6. Whatwas your childhood dream and how is it different from where you're at now?
  7. Whatthings do you need to forgive yourself for?
  8. Writeyourself a letter of forgiveness.
  9. Writea letter to someone else that you need to forgive. (you do not have to deliver this letter)
  10. Write5 things that you look forward to next year.
  11. whenwas the last time you laughed about something ridiculously silly and why did it make you laugh?
  12. Whatwas the last argument you had with someone and why was it important to you to have your opinion heard?
  13. Whatis something that you daydream about often?
  14. Whenwas the last time you were proud of something that you accomplished?
  15. Thinkof the last person you may have hurt, how do you think they feel about you now?
  16. Whois your role model and what personal qualities do you share with them?
  17. Whatwould your younger self think of you now? Positives and negatives.
  18. Whathealth issues do you have that you've been ignoring?
  19. Write10 things you love about yourself.
  20. Writeabout how a close friend would describe you.

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