Solar Water in Magic

With all the hype going around about moon water, I thought that it would be important to spread some knowledge about a different type of energized water that is just as powerful, Solar water. Everyone gives so much love to the moon, they forget about the other massive and all-powerful orb in the sky- The Sun!

Just like moon water, Solar water- or Sun Water- can be an invaluable tool for witchcraft and magic.

The sun’s rays are believed to have Pranic energy. Prana is a vital life energy that is used for healing and energy cleansing of the aura and the physical body. Even though it is considered to be part of the Hindu philosophy, the idea is well known and supported by a variety of cultures.

Most ancient cultures hold a very high respect and knowledge for the sun. Without the sun there wouldn’t be any life on earth. So, by placing the water under the sun to absorb and activate, you are capturing the healing energies and the life-giving vibrations and Prana that are transferred from the rays of the sun. The water can be used for a variety of things (we’ll get to that later) and should absolutely be a staple in any witches’ cupboard!

How to make Sun water

Find a glass jar with a lid. You will need it to be glass! Heat from the sun is likely to melt plastics and the chemicals from the plastics can seep into your solar water and that can be extremely toxic and harmful no matter what you decide to do with your solar water- yuck!

Fill your jar up with purified water. This can be spring water, water from a home filter, or you can also boil tap water to clear out any bacteria that may be left in it.

Next, you will need to place your jar in direct sunlight. Make sure that it is in an open area so that no trees, grass, or bushes can block it from soaking in the good ol’ sun rays!

Caution: Do not to place your glass jar anywhere near items that can be flammable. (i.e. DO NOT put your jar on wood of any kind. No wooden tables or porches.) sunlight can come through the glass and create a magnifying glass effect and if left long enough, could potentially start a fire. Yikes!

You can leave your water out for as little as 20 minutes to as long as the sun is at its peak. Generally leaving it out for 3-5 hours is the best, but there really isn’t a specific time limit as long as the sun is still able to reach it fully.

Storing your solar water is a bit trickier. Just like a battery can lose power over time, the energy from the solar water can be drained easily. During the daytime, try and keep your water in a sunny window if possible, but make sure it is covered and put away before sundown so that it can retain most of the energy.

Solar water doesn’t typically keep as long as moon water, so you will want to use it quickly or re-charge it often. If you’re unsure if you water is still energized, you can always place a drop in your hand and feel to sense if the vibrations are still there. When in doubt- recharge!

Sun water in magic

Sun water can be used in spells that are centered around action and motivation and can also be great for healing spells or spells that have to do with the body. By incorporating solar water to your spell, it can give it a massive boost of energy- like an energy drink for your ritual!

Solar water can be used to aid sigil magic by using a paintbrush and the water to trace over your sigils to activate them or to give them extra energy. You can also mix your sun water into your potions or elixirs, in witches’ bottles, sage or room sprays, or place the sun water in a bowl for scrying or divination.

Crystals can also be cleansed using the solar water if you’re looking to give them a nice energy bath (just be aware that not all kinds of crystals do well in water! Please research your crystals before placing them in water.)

You can also feed your sun water to your indoor plants or herbs who may be lacking some beneficial sun energy.

Sun water for the body

You can drink your sun water plain or you can add it to your recipes like your morning smoothies or your daily cooking. Anytime your recipe calls for water, make the swap and throw your solar water in!

Mixing Himalayan pink sea salt in your sun water can also boost the powers of your sun water and help with weight loss, dehydration, migraines, and give you an all-around boost of energy. When using your sun water for consumption, you will want to drink it within a 12-hour period, otherwise it will need to be re-charged like I mentioned earlier.

Sun water can also be used in your beauty products or self-care routine. Use a soft cloth and dampen it with your solar water to wash your face or fill up a spritz bottle to freshen up with. You can also mix small amounts with your toothpaste, shampoo or other beauty products to give them a healing energy boost.

Sun water baths are also a great way to soak up the beneficial energy! You don’t need to fill the entire tub with solar water, just adding one cup to a relaxing Epsom salt or tea bath would do. Using the water topically to treat rashes or scars can also be useful. Mix your solar water with a Cocoa or Shea butter to make a solar charged healing salve.

If you know anyone who could might not know about all the great benefits of Solar water and who could benefit from the infinite uses, please take a minute to share this article. 

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