Peculiar Poppet Doll Bronze Bird Skull Amethyst Turquoise White Sage Plum
Peculiar Poppet Doll Bronze Bird Skull Amethyst Turquoise White Sage Plum
Peculiar Poppet Doll Bronze Bird Skull Amethyst Turquoise White Sage Plum

Peculiar Poppet Doll Bronze Bird Skull Amethyst Turquoise White Sage Plum

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This enchanting deep plum toned Peculiar Poppet ritual doll features a bronze metal bird skull charm for a face. It is adorned with a circular turquoise stone and alternating delicate amethyst chip stones and bronze beads embroidered on the front. 

Each aspect of this poppet has been carefully designed to evoke a sense of magic and harmony. The inclusion of white sage herb inside ensures that it carries the soothing and purifying properties of this sacred plant. Moreover, a small dried sage stem is delicately embroidered above the stones adding a touch of ethereal beauty.

This poppet doll serves as a unique and meaningful addition to any spiritual or magical practice, or simply as an exquisite piece of art. It can be placed on an altar, used for meditation, or displayed as a symbol of divine energy.

Product Details:
- Handmade felt poppet doll
- Face: Bronze metal bird skull charm
- Embellishments: Circular turquoise stone, bronze beads and amethyst chip stones. dried sage stem. 
- Shape: Classic Poppet silhouette
- Color: Deep Plum
- Height: Approximately 5 inches
- Interior: White sage herb and filling

Embrace the magical allure of this handmade felt poppet doll and experience the harmonizing energy it brings to your sacred space. Add it to your collection or gift it to a fellow lover of mysticism and beauty.

 Each Peculiar Poppet Doll is hand stitched and made unique so that no two are ever the same.

Pe•cu•liar /pəˈkyo͞olyər/ adjective strange or odd; unusual.

What is a poppet?

A poppet is a doll made in the likeness of a person, deity, or spirit to aid in magic and manifestation. Poppet dolls go by many different names and can be made from a variety of different materials. Poppets are also found in dozens of different cultures throughout time.

How can I use a poppet?

Poppets can be enjoyed for their aesthetics or used in magic for spells involving manifestation, healing, love, deity worship, spirit connection, protection, energy work, justice, and more through sympathetic magic/poppet magic. Poppets are helpful if you prefer tangible altar tools or have a difficult time visualizing.

What makes a Peculiar Poppet Magical?

My Peculiar Poppets make a journey from the first stitch. Before I make a poppet, I take the time to meditate with the materials. I let the poppet tell me how it wants to be created. Often, when I put a poppet together, the materials may seen unusual to me but I know that the poppet will mean something to someone. Every poppet I create will make its way to its magical owner when the time is right. If you feel called to a Peculiar Poppet doll, it means it was meant for you!

Peculiar poppet ritual dolls are crafted with Eco-fi felt made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics. Please use caution near heat or open flame.