Peculiar Poppet Doll Porcupine & Skull Orange
Peculiar Poppet Doll Porcupine & Skull Orange
Peculiar Poppet Doll Porcupine & Skull Orange
Peculiar Poppet Doll Porcupine & Skull Orange

Peculiar Poppet Doll Porcupine & Skull Orange

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This pumpkin orange ritual poppet doll features a brown abstract spiral embroidered face, cream colored skull beads, and authentic porcupine quills. The border stitching is a gentle off white that makes the quills pop.

Porcupine quills are incredibly powerful in magic and can be used in spells and rituals for power and status, luck, protection, and ancestral magic.

This poppet is ideal for protection work and grounding. Poppet can also be used in shadow work and spells involving mental health and healing, deity worship, communication with spirit & ancestors, open manifestation spells, and creative expression.

*Ideal uses are only suggestions, all of the Poppet Dolls still come undefined so you’re more than welcome to use them in any way that you’d prefer. Poppet Dolls are perfect for rituals, spells, gifts, decor or snuggling. Each one is hand stitched and made unique so that no two are ever the same.


Pe•cu•liar /pəˈkyo͞olyər/ adjective strange or odd; unusual.

What is a poppet?

A poppet is a doll made in the likeness of a person, deity, or spirit to aid in magic and manifestation. Poppet dolls go by many different names and can be made from a variety of different materials. Poppets are also found in dozens of different cultures throughout time.

How can I use a poppet?

Poppets can be enjoyed for their aesthetics or used in magic for spells involving manifestation, healing, love, deity worship, spirit connection, protection, energy work, justice, and more through sympathetic magic/poppet magic. Poppets are helpful if you prefer tangible altar tools or have a difficult time visualizing.

What makes a Peculiar Poppet Magical?

My Peculiar Poppets make a journey from the first stitch. Before I make a poppet, I take the time to meditate with the materials. I let the poppet tell me how it wants to be created. Often, when I put a poppet together, the materials may seen unusual to me but I know that the poppet will mean something to someone. Every poppet I create will make its way to its magical owner when the time is right. If you feel called to a Peculiar Poppet doll, it means it was meant for you!

This Peculiar Poppet measures approx. 3.5"  in height. 

* Custom recreations of similar styles are available as commissioned orders. Please fill out the contact me form to request a custom Peculiar Poppet doll. 

 Caution ⚠️These poppet dolls are made with real sharp porcupine quills. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children, animals, and vulnerable individuals.

Peculiar poppet ritual dolls are crafted with Eco-fi felt made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics. Please use caution near heat or open flame.