Water in Witchcraft-Embracing Elements

With the human body as well as the vast majority of our earth being mostly composed of water, it’s safe to say that water is one of the most precious and personal elements to work magic with. Water is vital for life, so learning to work with it and use it to your advantage can be a worthwhile experience for your craft.

The element of water truly is a force to be reckoned with. Water can be the softest of all elements, with a thin gentle trickle or it can be a massive devastation. Crashing and slamming of waves, hurricanes and tsunamis, and the eroding and forging of canyons and mountains over time. Water is also flexible. It is mold-able and free flowing in any shape, but it still holds it integrity and it’s molecular composition regardless of whether it is housed in a vast ocean or in a small cup.

Water can present itself in many forms, like ice or vapor, yet it is still unchanged water. By focusing on the true nature of water, you can begin to understand ways that you too can become like water.

Regardless of the types of situations your life creates, you can chose to be gentle and free flowing or you can be vast and catastrophic. Within many personalities, you are like water and even though you take on many forms, you yourself are also unchanged in your composition.

Here are a few ways you may chose to embrace the magic of water-

Solar/Lunar water

This is one of the most common uses for water that I’ve noticed becoming more popular in magic today. Charging your water under the rays of the sun or under certain phases of the moon can bless and infuse it with energy and intentions that can make the water a useful tool in working spells. Charged water is very easy to make and it’s versatility in spells makes it a must-have for every witches toolbox.


Water gazing and scrying are great techniques to use the element of water to strengthen your psychic abilities. Watching the way water moves and travels in large quantities or gazing at a small pool of still water can place you in a trance-like state to be open to receiving divine messages. Gather a small bowl and full it with water. (bonus points if it’s solar/lunar water) light a candle and quiet your mind. Allow yourself to have some time to stare comfortably at the water and be open to receive any messages it may present to you.


Simple things like taking a routine shower or washing your face with clean water can do wonders for your health and give you a powerful cleanse both mentally and physically. If you’re lucky enough to live near an ocean or lake, submerging yourself underwater can be a fantastic purifying experience. If not, you can still enjoy the benefits of water cleansing by taking a nice bath or shower and visualizing the water pulling away all the stagnant energies that may be bothering you.

Water can also be used to cleanse tools. Keeping your tools clean in between spells is important. As long as the materials won’t be damaged if they get wet, using a damp rag to clean off tools such as a chalice, wand, or healing stones can be beneficial. Use caution when cleansing some stones with water as not all stones can get wet and some may even become toxic if mixed with water.

Storm Magic

You can also explore and embrace storm magic. Collecting water or snow left over from a storm for magical purposes, placing magical tools out to be cleansed by a storm, or viewing a blizzard from a safe place can be just a few of the ways you can use storms for your craft. Standing outside under the rain is also a great way to enjoy mother nature and connect with the water element, just be sure you are well dressed and free of harms way. from an oil diffuser can be used to

Water in Other Forms

Water may not always present itself in a direct liquid form. You can experience the element of water as a fresh snowfall or as a foggy day. Ice formations and snowflakes are known to have unique shapes and that alone can be seen as a source of magic. Steam from a hot shower or vapor from an oil diffuser can be used to connect with water. You may also be drawn to symbols or other representations of water.  Paintings or photographs of water can hold an abundance of power and connection. Collecting sea shells to place on your altar or wearing a blue shirt to represent water are also indirect ways that you can connect with the element of water.

What are some ways you use water in magic? Have you ever had a deep connecting experience with the element of water?

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