Waxing Crescent Moon Motivation Water

Whether you're working on a new project or need motivation to wrap up one already in progress, why not try using a little bit of magic to make your day more productive? That's where motivation Moon water comes in!

Did you know that it doesn't have to be the full moon in order to make moon water? Each phase of the moon has different intentions and you can make moon water during any one of those phases.
Motivation moon water is made during the waxing crescent moon phase. During the waxing crescent moon is the best time to take action and get motivated. Set your jars out tonight to make motivation moon water! 
First off, what is Moon water? 
Moon water is water that has been energized and charged by the moonlight in order to have a specific intention or purpose. It is most commonly made during the full moon, but can be made during any moon phase. 
To make moon water, all you need is a glass jar and the Moon! Place fresh water in your glass jar and set it out under the light of the Moon. Be sure to gather and bring it inside before the sun hits it in the morning.  (As leaving it out in the sun turns it to Solar water!)
You can use your waxing crescent moon motivation water for:
  •  Cleansing and splashing your face to wake up in the morning and start a great day. 
  • Mixing into your morning coffee to power up your morning. 
  •  Cleanse or sprinkle your work tools or space to help make it a productive environment. (dampen a cloth to wet down your desk, pens, etc.)
  • Pour into your essential oil diffuser with orange and lemon oil to give yourself energy and inspiration. 
  • Place it in a bowl and scry with it to search your inner mind for creative ideas. 


What would you use your motivation moon water for? 

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  • Thank you! There’s A lovely waxing crescent moon tonight. I’m going to make myself some moon water 😊


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